Do you have skinny feet?

We are more compressible than we think,we can squeeze through passageways blocked by a mass of humanity just by allowing our fat to be moulded by other people's fat...yes,we're mouldable like that.I discovered that the hard way today while squeezing my way into the aisle of a bus overflowing at the door with people! But I shouldn't have been surprised because I did just succeed squeezing into the third set of Lees I tried on in the shop...(however,I'm baffled as to why the first one was not even getting past my feet...what? my feet are too fat for skinny-jeans...whaaat?!!!)

We're spiritual beings in physical it it airy...weightless...gaseous?Suppose it is,then spiritually we should be more flexible than our fleshy bodies, no?I think,we avoid situations that we think will get our spirits crushed by underestimating our spirit's flexibility.Perhaps, we will not be as easily crushed as we fear.Let us be bold and press on into the mass of humanity awaiting our human touch.You never know,that third person you try to befriend might be just right![Heaven knows some just won't let you get a foot in edge wise ;)]