Failure......what' s that?

So there are times. And there be seasons too. And what shall we do while we await the cock's crowing? What shall we do before the dawn? Shall we cease building, because unless the Lord builds,the work of the builder is in vain... Hmm... Do we feel indignant that our precious work might yet again be wasted? Do we suspect a sadist Father looks at our dying several mini deaths with unmoving heart ? Well if He can't be doing the small little bit of blessing,well I shouldn't be expected to work either.There,it's out...the dirty underpinnings of a proud mind. We are a culture ashamed to fail... Unaware that "failure" is a misnomer.

It would serve us well to call "failures" as lessons on how something can not be done. Hmm... That's how we find out our unique way of how it can be done.... By systematically eliminating the thousand ways a particular goal can't be achieved, we zero in on the one simple way in which we may hit the nail right on its head .

Babies learn how to crawl or walk or talk by being persistent despite falling flat on their noses or voicing but gibberish...  shamelessly! Hence the universal rate of hundred percent success in walking in babies as they grow. They have no pride therefore no one to feel ashamed before....they remain humble and ultimately learn the impossible feats of gravity defiance and communication by trying every which way possible.. Finally one move surpasses all others, the breakthrough move that proves failure is a wrong name for an attempt.

Bibles Verses to reflect upon:

Ecclesiastes 11:6New International Version (NIV)Sow your seed in the morning,    and at evening let your hands not be idle,
for you do not know which will succeed,    whether this or that,    or whether both will do equally well.
(Bible Gateway)

And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Mathew 18:3 (Bible Hub)

Spiritual gardens

Our car rolls by houses with lawns.Some are well kept with no flowers.But suddenly, somebody's garden,fully in bloom with pink little flowers... If I were in prayer I would feel so charmed,by the Creator.Since it was a less elevated moment,my mind was not raised in worship but it was brightened. I will never meet the gardener of this particular garden but she has done me much good and I am thankful.

This is how it is with people too,each one like a house and a lawn,each one decides whether to have flowers growing or not.These flowers are spiritual in nature.So when we roll by them,it would be noticed in their voice,their attitude,their smile,their kindness,their sincerity,their generosity and so many little things.

Like all flowers, spiritual ones too grow mysteriously.We can plant the seeds or stems (by reading God's word) and water them (by the tears of our broken-hearted prayers) but we can't make them flower,only God can do that.And I'm hundred percent sure He will..above and beyond any garden we can imagine.He is faithful.

The most beautiful of flowers,the rose,fragrant and intricate.Well,now the seeds for these spiritually are found in the rosary,and nobody will know the secret except Mother Mary who will ensure that the soul's garden of the rosary pray-er will be endowed with red and white roses of heavenly beauty and extraordinary fragrance.

Do you want to be an unseen gardener who brightens or even lifts up passers by with the fragrance wafting from the beautiful flowers in your spiritual garden? All the best!