Sacraments in the Holy Catholic Church

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"The sense of the scandal through which a man can say to another man `I absolve you from your sins’ must be rediscovered [for the] priest draws authority from Christ."
Ratzinger.(Pope Benedict 16th)

inspired by book review of The Ratzinger Report by Cor jesu sacratissimum

Classnotes on Life

1.When Elizabeth worried about the baby in her womb,she thought constantly about when he would begin to kick... it's usually at 5 months,why nothing yet?... hmm... is he alive? :( (No USG back then right!) When Mother Mary stepped into her life,the long overdue kick came! What joy!
(I'm thinking ,this is a hint if there ever was one,of how to achieve a breakthrough in our parenting challenges,let Mother Mary in.)

2.When we stepped onto the pavement across from the restaurant,I was super excited.This restaurant really looked posh! Then as my husband treated me to the most extravagant buffet around,I thoroughly flipped.As hunger subsided though, the abundance began to lose it's novelty and lustre.We were quickly beginning to feel our pants grow tighter at the belly.And both of us experienced a decrease in our levels of appreciation.Did the food suddenly turn bland?..No,it's simply that satiety decreases our appreciation of food(perhaps every human pleasure works on this same principle?Food for thought.)We are built for enough not for excess.We are made for the not so filling a- la- carte rather than the superfluous buffet.

3.James Clear said "a better way to approach your goals is to set a schedule to operate by rather than a deadline to perform by." (in his book "foundations of strength") I want to consider this point of view to approach hibernating dreams.

4.In exercise,use elliptical machine,and when starting focus on volume (more reps) over intensity.Have an easy pre-workout routine.(source:same book)