A good doctor

Is it the detective doctor with a police dog's intuition about the scents of diseases? Is it the respectful listener who realises every patient's case is as unique as their fingerprint? Is he the priest who exorcises the devil as an ambassador of God? Is it the friend who stays closer to you than a brother in the worst moment of your life? Is it the businessman doctor,detached ,impersonal and indifferent, who delivers accurate service without engagement of spirit,for whom every patient counts,but only as a statistic that broadens his database? I don't know... But I wish I could meet a good doctor and learn how combining detective work with personal investment while preserving his personal space and time is all done in a day's work.. I wish a good doctor would explain to me how like a priest, she listens and God does the diagnosing and treatment administration through her... It's almost tantamount to a sacrament yet no one teaches us it is sacred! Store up all the knowledge you can understand in your heart, think about the clever ways in which medicines have been engineered to treat different diseases... Serendipity favours the prepared, opportunity is found by those who are searching for it... For a doctor who is creative is better than all others,he stands on the shoulders of giants and leaps with faith into the possibility of spiritual healing through the physical healing. He is motivated by the best Doctor ever, who took all of mankind's infirmities upon his own body, who was wounded that their souls and bodies ,in that order of priority ,might be healed.
A good doctor like a good lawyer fights for the patient to be free not only of wrong convictions/ diagnoses but also completely free from the need for his services. He doesn't just deliver medicine/ justice but teaches the patient/accused how to steer clear of trouble in future . If the problem is genetic/ terminal or in the legal scenario irreversible like the crime of homicide, the good doctor ensures that his patient gets to live  rather than receive a metaphorical capital punishment. He is the last bastion of hope for our society that needs his watmth and integrity. Therefore,the good doctor will always save a life and never take it.He is like a lawyer not a judge.He will always try to defend your life to the very end.

Lord,help my unbelief!

credits: Kinsey Mhire Photography wedding collection

"You magnify what you focus on." Kinsey Mhire

In response to the Paris Attacks, Antoine who lost his wife to terrorist bullets, has said, he refuses to hate. He focused on being free and happy rather than living in hate.He said "we are only two,my son and I and we are more powerful than all the armies of the world." I don't know exactly what he meant,but it stuck with me... because often we feel the opposite of that sentiment. Helpless, paralyzed by the awareness of our puny stature.Even if we had a gun we wouldn't use it, thinking what difference does one bullet shot into the sky against a nuclear bomb attack make...y'know?

But this fear is incompatible with Eternal Life. St Paul says,"For to set the mind on the flesh is death,but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace."

In plain sight if it is water, remember that in hindsight it will be wine. In your eyes if it is 5 loaves of bread, after it's been through His hands,it's 5000 loaves and then some.In your ears if it is an unintelligible foreign language,when His Spirit moves,it's better than google translate,you hear the gospel in your native tongue!To human vision it is a wafer,but now the consecration and later it is for the eyes of faith,a spectacle even angels bow in marvel before,the God whom the universe can't contain has become as small as the Eucharistic Host.

So focus on the Holy Spirit's power and magnify Him.